Volunteer with us!

CMC relies on trained volunteers to carry out several of our programs. Volunteers also provide non-program support. This is a great way to give back to our community, while helping to resolve conflicts and build a more civil community. Whether you are a mediator with experience, or seek training to become a mediator, CMC has opportunities for you!


  • Compassion and humor

  • Desire to give back to the community

  • Collaborative approach to dispute resolution

  • Strong listening and communication skills

  • Understanding and adopting CMC’s facilitative style of mediation

volunteer with our limited income family mediation program

Our Limited Income Family Mediation Program allows modest income families going through divorce or parenting issues to work together in a supportive, nuetral setting with a third-party CMC mediator. In family cases where children are involved, mediators assist the family in developing a thoughtful parenting schedule guided by the child’s best interest. Through this vital service parents and children experience less stress and are better able to move forward into positive healing and growth.

volunteer with our project settle - Justice court program

Project SETTLE assigns highly-trained volunteer mediators to help parties settle civil and small claims cases in Justice Court, enabling parties to avoid trial. This allows parties to obtain a faster resolution, while making room on the Court’s docket (and sparing Gallatin County the cost of a part-time Judge). Through project SETTLE, the CMC provides approximately four to six mediations per week for Justice Court.

NON-Program Volunteer opportunities

At various times throughout the year, CMC staff recruits volunteers to help with fundraising efforts and other administrative support duties. Perhaps you have a skill that would help CMC build programs, strengthen outreach efforts, provide training, or generate fundraising ideas. If you don’t have the time to devote year-round, you might be a perfect fit to serve on a Board committee for a short-term, special project.

benefits of volunteering with us

  • Give back to your community

  • On-going training for mediators

  • Covered under CMC’s mediator liability insurance

  • Opportunity to grow into a Board position

  • Mentor new mediators

volunteer application form

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As a CMC volunteer, I will provide a positive influence and treat all CMC staff, participants, guests and other volunteers with respect.
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I understand my volunteer status may be terminated or suspended for the following reasons: 1) unprofessional conduct, 2) willful falsification of this application or any other reporting or record-keeping documents used by the CMC, 3) any violation of the policies and procedures addressed in CMC's Confidentiality Agreement or directives given to me by CMC, or 4) any violation of local, state or federal law.