Our Services

The Community Mediation Center provides vital mediation services that foster healthy conflict resolution and a heightened sense of community for members of the Greater Gallatin area.  We focus upon making the lives of families more stable, safe, productive and healthy.


General mediation services

The CMC is proud to offer general community mediation services to those in need of a nuetral mediator to help resolve a dispute.  Our highly-trained mediators can handle the following types of routine disputes:

  • divorce and custody issues
  • consumer problems
  • neighbor disputes
  • landlord-tenant issues
  • roommate issues
  • business termination
  • elder care issues
  • contract disputes
  • work-place conflict
  • multi-party mediation
  • agriculture mediation

If you would like to schedule mediation, please contact us or call (406) 522-8442. 


TRAININgS offered

The CMC offers conflict resolution trainings for work place conflict, human resources, middle and high school peer mediation, general mediation, and family mediation training.  We can also create a specialized training for your company upon request.  Please contact us or call (406) 522-8442 to discuss your options. 


LIMITED INCOME mediation program

Our Limited Income Mediation Program allows modest income Montanans with a dispute or modest income families going through divorce or parenting issues to work together in a supportive, neutral setting with a third-party CMC mediator. 

In family cases where children are involved, mediators assist the family in developing a thoughtful parenting schedule guided by the child’s best interest.  Through this vital service parents and children experience less stress and are better able to move forward into positive healing and growth. 

We charge sliding fee scale payment based on 200% of the 2016 federal poverty guidelines. When you contact us or call the office at (406) 522-8442, you will need to provide your annual income before taxes and the number of people living in your household.  Our fees range from $80 per person for a 3-hour mediation to $300 per person for a 3-hour mediation. 

The fees charged to the parties do not cover the costs of this program. This program is largely grant-funded by the Gilhousen Family Foundation, Greater Gallatin United Way, and the Montana Justice Foundation.


Victim Impact Panels

In 2005 Gallatin County Judges created Minor in Possession (MIP) Impact Panels, convened and facilitated by CMC, to give youth the opportunity to understand how their behavior affects others.  The panel is comprised of three or four community members who have been impacted in their personal or professional experiences by a minor in possession. Speakers share their personal stories from the heart and do not judge, blame, or lecture offenders.


Peer Mediation 

In 1997, as a community response to the Columbine school shooting, the CMC developed a peer mediation program for the Bozeman and Belgrade School Districts.  We work collaboratively with these schools to train middle and high school students as "peer mediators." Our peer mediation program teaches students how to help their peers resolve bullying issues and disputes through negotiation before they escalate into violence.

Because of the positive results we have witnessed in our current peer mediations programs, CMC is currently working to expand these programs to Park County and other communities, particularly those in lower-income areas.  To learn more about how the CMC can support your school, contact us or call (406) 522-8442.

Please click here for an example of an outstanding program from Chief Joseph Middle School!


Project settle - Justice Court

The Community Mediation Center opened its doors in 1989 as a volunteer mediation program for Gallatin County Justice Court.  Overtime, the program has grown into Project SETTLE which assigns highly-trained volunteer mediators to help parties settle civil and small claims cases in Justice Court, enabling the parties to avoid trial.  This allows parties to obtain a faster resolution, while making room on the Court's docket (and sparing Gallatin County the cost of a part-time judge). 

Through Project SETTLE, the CMC provides approximately four mediations per week for Justice Court.  A contract with Gallatin County allows us to sustain this program.