New Board Member & Executive Director

November 9, 2015 — April Christofferson-Leach has enthusiastically accepted the Executive Director’s position at the Community Mediation Center. April started her legal career in private practice in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  She went on to work as a corporate attorney in Seattle for a decade before moving to the Missoula area in 2004, where she worked at the University of Montana, focusing on the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program.  April and family relocated to Bozeman in 2013.  She has volunteered for and served on the boards of several Montana nonprofits, including Flagship, the Montana Natural History Center and Yellowstone Country Guardians.  She is an advocate for social justice and the author of eight published books. 

The Community Mediation Center is also proud and pleased to announce Sylvia Drain as a new Board Member. She comes with great expertise in marketing and looks forward to helping the CMC with event planning, public relations and writing. Service has always been important to Sylvia and after serving faithfully on the Greater Gallatin United Way Board, she has been looking for a new opportunity to serve. She is currently employed as Sales Manager at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Dr. Chris Hahn assumed leadership as president of the Community Mediation Center’s Board on Oct. 26.  Janet Bender-Keigley is serving as Vice-President and Abby Brown as the Secretary /Treasurer. We thank Peter Duffy as the outgoing president, who will remain on the Executive Committee as the ad hoc Past President. Sally Broughton is retiring off the board after serving faithfully for three years. Pam Refling has been invited to remain on the board for another year. Other remaining board members are Pam Poon and Dr. David Henderson.

Connie Campbell-Pearson, after 13 years as the Executive Director is committed to remain at CMC as the Family Program Manager and will assist in the transition for April.

Changes at CMC

August 10, 2015 — This is an exciting time at CMC as key personnel fulfill personal goals and follow their career paths to new opportunities.

  • For the past 12 years, current Executive Director, Connie Campbell, has grown the organization’s programs, and has built a solid core of volunteer mediators. Connie has requested a move to the Program Coordinator position as a first step toward retirement, and to focus on the growing demand for overseeing family mediations.
  • We also bid fond farewell to current Program Coordinator, Lynn Holsinger, who is returning to full-time teaching, and who will become the Peer Mediation coordinator at Bozeman High.

The CMC board supports Connie’s and Lynn’s career choices and looks forward to continued growth in fulfilling the mission of CMC.

Family Mediation

New Online Intake Form

December 22, 2014 — This program is intended to empower couples to work together directly to resolve their differences during their dissolution, rather than relying on more costly (and adversarial) legal services. Mediations provide a safe, structured setting facilitated by a neutral third party, which gives couples who are unable to reach agreement a chance to take their children's best interests to heart and find an effective solution. Studies have shown that children who grow up with regular contact with both parents are happier, achieve more at school, and develop better emotional and social skills.

For those seeking this service, we now have an online form.

Please take the time to fill this out completely.

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Family Mediation
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